Pasquale RUSSO



User Experience (UX) Content
Even the most intuitive apps need labels and instructions. I collaborate with designers and product owners to test and develop the right content to help users reach their goals on mobile apps and responsive websites.    

Digital Marketing
I specialize in developing content strategies and copy for websites and mobile apps. Using easy-to-understand language, I describe product features and benefits for all stages of the customer journey, helping to transform site visitors into customers and repeat buyers. 

Corporate Communication
I’ve developed communications plans and a variety of digital and print materials for employees of well-known firms. Many of them won awards from the International Association of Business Communicators.  

Electronic Newsletters 
Regular email newsletters maintain customer loyalty, generate interest in products and services, and keep customers informed about new developments.

Whether writing for trade magazines or blogs, I provide compelling features and case studies that clearly communicate complex subjects. 

Technical Writing and Training
Using instructional design and usability principles, I’ve developed clear technology guides and interactive training for a variety of users.

  Digital Marketing Copy



Large Web Projects

Site Redesign (Prudential)

The design and the wireframes were finished. What Prudential needed was content -- and quickly. The ambitious timeline gave me only a few months to write value propositions for one consumer and three business-to-business (B2B) landing pages (institutional, advisor, and employer), their multiple sections, and get them approved. I thrive on deadlines; it was an enjoyable few months of writing.

Financial Advisors

Corporate Clients

Policy Claims (Prudential)

It was hard to believe, but many firms had no online claim service for life insurance then (I checked). Prudential planned to pair an online service with a site that addressed the practical needs of beneficiaries. I planned and wrote content on funeral planning, emotional support, and other helpful items. Only wish it had a better name.

Prudential Survivor Center

Large Site Redesign (Wells Fargo)

When Wells Fargo merged its mortgage and home equity businesses, I led a small team rewriting 500-plus pages. We struggled toward an overly ambitious deadline while learning new design templates and new style and voice guidelines. Along the way, I contributed a baker’s dozen of these tutorials providing guidance for a customer’s home-financing journey.

Refinancing an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Finance a Major Purchase

Home Improvement Center

Short-Form Web Content

The Loan Arranger (Wells Fargo Home Equity)

Too many people applying for home equity loans didn’t seem to understand what a lender looks for in an application. The solution -- which we tested and revised over time -- stopped the application process, explained the requirements simply, and offered helpful tools. It worked.

Mortgage Payment_Options (Wells Fargo Mortgage)

Too many ways to pay the mortgage together with product names that didn’t help to tell them apart. Having confused customers made life difficult for the new servicing team. After working on copy for each program page, I came up with a needs-based comparison tool. Using this content to introduce the programs made a difference.

Electronic Newsletter (AT&T)

I planned and wrote AT&T Quickbits, a monthly newsletter that informed AT&T customers about promotions, new services, and gave a glimpse of emerging technologies.

July_ issue         October issue         November issue

Product Descriptions

Online Directory Service (AT&T)

When AT&T launched its oddly named AnyWho service, I wrote this piece describing exciting features like reverse number lookup for the company’s website. The content was eventually adapted into a brochure.  

Home Equity Credit Line (Wells Fargo Home Equity)

The wealth of options on this complicated line-of-credit took time to grasp -- time we didn’t have with a looming launch deadline. The most satisfying part of simplifying a product with multiple fixed-rate advances and interest rates? Coming up with the graphic. 

Other Promotional Content

Magazine Advertorial

A local painting company wanted to attract business from general contractors by running a promotion. They had some ideas about what to say, but words failed them. They hired a ghostwriter.  

“Pat Russo is a talented writer... He is extremely creative and has a way of writing web content that is interesting, clever, and understandable. I personally value his opinion and run my own online marketing copy by him for insight and ideas all the time. He’s not only gifted and kind, but he’s also detail oriented, analytical, resourceful and always ahead of deadline. He’s a rare gem.
Cat Sommer, VP, Social Media Digital Marketing, Wells Fargo Home Lending
“I truly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to work with Pat at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. With every project that he took on, Pat provided clear strategic direction, thoughtful and effective recommendations, and ultimately great execution. He always came through on-time, on-budget, and on-strategy. 

It was always a pleasure to work with a team player with a great disposition, a sense of humor and lots of patience. Kudos and many thanks to Pat!“
Gaby Altman, Marketing Director, Altman Investment Management