Pasquale RUSSO



An adept professional writer, Pasquale transforms complex information into clear, compelling, readable prose.


A collaborative strategic thinker, he blends a journalist’s insight with years of business experience. 

A versatile wordsmith, he’s the veteran creator of:

  1.  Digital marketing copy

  2. User experience (UX) content for apps and responsive websites  

  3. Feature articles and case studies for trade magazines and corporate publications

  4. Ghostwriting for books and articles by business professionals, entrepreneurs, and pastors

  5. How-to guides, interactive training, and online help

  6. Communication plans and digital content strategies

U.S. Marshals Book

One Marshal’s Badge, the fascinating memoir of U.S. Marshal’s Director Louie McKinney, is available in hardcover and Kindle formats.


That’s what readers say about Another Vanishing Act, Pat’s rollicking debut novel. Sneak a peek! Then get a copy!!


Pasquale is one of a select group of writers to whom I refer clients when I’m unable to work as their ghostwriter. He’s proven himself to be both a reliable collaborator and a talented writer. I continue to recommend him highly.”

Cec Murphey, The man behind more than 100 books, including the New York Times bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven.