Pasquale RUSSO






Pasquale has been a freelance writer for Food Logistics magazine for almost 10 years, producing more than 50 features and case studies on a variety of topics, including technology, logistics, and supply-chain related issues.

His articles are always thoroughly researched and well written -- and he's never missed a deadline. Pasquale can take dry, complicated information and make it interesting and easy to understand.”


Kathy Doherty, Editor-in-Chief, Food Logistics magazine

Working with two trade magazines, I regularly wrote feature articles and case studies on the strategic use of technology in the food and beverage industries. 


Intermodal Rides into the Future

Communicates the benefits a business gains by relying on rail and other direct modes of shipping.

Everybody’s Talking About Voice Technology

Describes the competitive advantages available from this technical tool. 


GPS Technology: Is It Right for Your Fleet

Explains the business results available from equipping delivery vehicles with these devices.


Read Enough About Technology?

A fun, historical perspective from Writer’s Digest magazine on the struggles faced by the world’s great writers.

Case Study

Profiles the results of one company’s use of warehouse-management software.  


On the Inside

Shows how advances in warehouse equipment speed beverage delivery to customers.